Botanical Cocktail kit - Ginalicious

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The Ginalicious Gin Botanical Cocktail Kit contains: 2 cocktail infusion bags, high quality seeds, illustrated instructions, handmade wooden planter, mini-greenhouse, 10 mini compost discs, 6 plant markers, pencil and cocktail recipe book.

The Cocktail Recipe Book contains:
Cucumber & Rosemary G & T
Pickerings Gin Basilicious Appeltini
Raspberry & Rose G & T
Gin & Thyme Lemonade
Rock Rose Toasted Rosemary & G & T  Sorbet

Cocktail Infusion Bags:
Raspberry & Rose Petal
Earl Grey & Blue Flower

High quality seeds:
Cucumber ‘Burpless Tasty Green’ Rosemary Officinalis
Basil ‘Aristotle’
Thyme ‘Olde English’

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